«Цена величия - ответственность»
(Уинстон Черчилль)

The KGTC Translation Center offers professional interpretation services (consecutive and simultaneous) from English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish and 65 additional languages!

We are always ready to help you:

  • conduct a free consultation,
  • select the most optimal solution with regard to translation,
  • choose a qualified translator,
  • set up the equipment for simultaneous interpretation,
  • pick a perfect conference room to conduct your meeting.

Simultaneous business interpretation is in particular demand with international companies for one-time or telephone conferences. It is not always advantageous to have a permanent interpreter on staff, and choosing a freelancer without references is risky.  We are always ready to provide interpreters from over 65 languages to help with your business solutions or to conduct tours.

For our interpretation services we select the most qualified interpreters capable of providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.  

Our interpreters can accompany foreigners on visits to Russian government agencies.  

By placing an advance request you will be able to meet the potential interpreters in person.    We especially recommend our expert simultaneous interpreters.  Simultaneous interpretation reduces conference time and makes for a more productive communication process.  This mode of interpretation requires special abilities and skills on the part of an interpreter.  

The following advantages favorably distinguish simultaneous interpretation from consecutive one:  

  • The speaker’s message is delivered without interruptions.  This allows the speaker to hold the attention of his or her audience, to gauge its mood and reaction.  
  • The event time is cut approximately in half as compared to the use of consecutive interpretation.
  • Convenience for event participants: it is not uncommon in this day and age to have knowledge of a foreign language.  For this reason many participants prefer to listen to reports in their original languages, which is not possible with consecutive interpretation, where the speaker has to stop, while all the participants listen to the translation.
  • The opportunity to provide interpretations into several languages simultaneously.
  • The prestige of the event is increased.

The KGTC_company can provide several interpreters of various languages and in various subjects at the same time.

Do not involve random freelancers in your interpretations, you may be putting your company’s image in business community at risk.

By entering into a corporate service agreement with us, you receive definite advantages with timeframes and service, a flexible discount system and other benefits.   

You can find out more information about the interpretation service by calling +7 (495) 984-56-00 or by filling out a form on our website in the online mode.

We welcome you to stop by our office located at: Moscow, 8 Pleteshkovsky Lane, bldg. 2. If you are unable to visit us, we can arrange a meeting with the manager on your premises.

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