Copy Center and Courier Services

«Гутенберг сделал всех читателями. Ксерокс сделал всех издателями»
(Маршалл Маклюэн)

Our copy center finds solutions to the primary, most popular document-related tasks.

At your request we are prepared to carry out the following:

  • scaling (formats up to A3),
  • mini-distribution;
  • a series of typographic services;
  • make-up and design of presentation materials;
  • full-color printing of any document;
  • binding;
  • recognition of any text format;
  • transfer of files by any means to any location;
  • photocopying and scanning;
  • worldwide fax communication.

The technologies available in our Translation Center keep up with the needs of the modern business.  We do more than simply translate your documents; we also provide document formatting of the kind of quality and design that you require.

In order to favorably compare to other translation agencies we use the most state-of-the-art methodologies in our work.  The experience we have gained over the past 5 years allows us to constantly introduce something new.    

In creating and continually updating our copy center we were pursuing one specific goal – to combine everything that might be in demand for our clients under the roof of our KGTC Translation Center.  

Our company has a strategic partner – a professional printing house that helps us with implementation of especially challenging projects, graphic design and large volume distribution. Under the signed cooperation agreement, we do not disclose the name and the location of the printing house.   Collaboration with the said printing house is only possible through the KGTC_Company specialists.

Delivery of your correspondence is yet another task that we solve for you.  No team can operate without a courier.  Our company is no exception.  Our courier is always at your service.  Within the framework of the projects and as part of the corporate services, a courier will be dispatched to any location in Moscow and its vicinity at absolutely no charge. Our courier is punctual and efficient. We make absolutely sure the documents are delivered on time.  Your time is our time. Every trip a courier takes is calculated allowing for traffic jams and the city’s general transport infrastructure.  In the event of force majeure circumstances, our courier will be sure to inform you about any problems that arise en route, and you will always be kept abreast of the situation.

When necessary, we are prepared to address the questions of confidentiality and protection of transferred materials (special envelopes with tamper evident seals, portable safety deposit boxes, disposable packaging materials). For more information about the terms of delivery please visit the “Pricing Policy” section.

Please visit the KGTC company office located at: Moscow, 8 Pleteshkovsky Lane, bldg. 2. If you are unable to visit us, we can arrange a meeting with the project-manager on your premises.

Call us at +7 (495) 984-56-00, we will have much to discuss!

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