Text Editing

«Успешное предпринимательство требует двух совершенно различных качеств: скурпулезности и энтузиазма»
(Джон Стюарт Милль)

The KGTC company specialists are ready to professionally edit your materials.  The "text editing" service offers you the opportunity to receive a highly professional, quality translation of any text.   

In our company any type of translation is subject to mandatory editing.  This procedure is included in the range of services performed on a project.  We are always ready to accept requests for additional editing of prepared translations, if you are not satisfied with their execution.  

The need for editing arises most often when:

  • a translator working on the project does not specialize in its particular subject or is a narrowly focused specialist;
  • a team of translators was involved in the project;
  • for translation of scientific, technical, legal, medical or literary texts.

Professional editing by a linguist should be distinguished from a translation done by a lawyer or an engineer.  Editing by a linguist is necessary when a text was not translated by a native speaker and its format presupposes adaptation to the mentality and traditions of a specific country.  

Text editing by other specialists assumes deep knowledge of terminology and specialization of a particular field.   

Prior to beginning work on a text the KGTC Translation Center specialists determine its purpose and future audience, and select the acceptable type of editing accordingly. 

Our experienced project-managers are always prepared to answer the question of whether you need text editing in the first place (in many cases for translations of simple standard texts a straightforward logical translation is enough) and what type of editing is the most justified.  

Dear partners! Please keep in mind that there is no translation without editing -- otherwise it is not a translation but a draft.  Our goal is to provide reputable service and flexible prices.  By turning to the KGTC Company for editing or translation services, you will eliminate unnecessary trouble and receive a fully completed product within a reasonable timeframe.   

We will try to take into account all your wishes and comments, which will let you experience for yourself the quality of our services.  We recommend that you consult with our specialists beforehand by calling: +7 (495) 984-56-00 or by filling out a form on our website in the online mode any time, day or night. 

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