«Не расхаживай по офису без бумаг в руке »
(Закон офисных прогулок Скотта)

Any translation performed at the KGTC Translation Center can be notarized either by affixing the seal of the Center or by a translator's signature.  

Notarization of translated documents(authentication of a translator’s signature) is a notary certification of faithfulness of a translation from one language to another for the purposes of carrying out the following procedures: certification, apostilization or presentation of documents to the official Russian authorities. If a notary does not possess the knowledge of a respective language, he or she will certify that a translator's signature is genuine.  

We can only notarize translations that were done in our Translation Center.  If you already have a prepared translation and you need to have it notarized, we will check the translation against the original and then perform the notarization.  

Original documents and their copies can be submitted for notarized translation.  Foreign commercial documents (statutes, articles of incorporation, power of attorney documents, contracts, etc.) are certified provided that they have an apostil (for documents issued in the countries that signed the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961) or a certifying signature from the Consular Department of a respective country’s embassy in Russia (for documents issued in the countries that have not signed the convention).  

A notarized translation must be performed for the entire text of a translated document and must be certified by a translator's signature.  A notarized translation that is placed on a separate page will be attached to the original document, bound with a string and affixed with a notary signature and seal.   As a general rule, translations of official documents that you are planning to present in another country require an Apostil or a Consular Certification in addition to notarization.  

Foreign nationals are required to present notarized translations of documents (such as a passport) for any notarial actions, preparation of citizenship or other documents throughout all of Russia.  

Notarized translations have very stringent requirements, but the KGTC_Company specialists are perfectly familiar with the particularities of such requirements in different countries.  A notary will not notarize the translation if there is even the slightest doubt as to the legal accuracy of the translated wording.  

A separate formatting of a translation that requires notarization may not be required.  Our Translation Center has its own copy center where we format the translation prior to the notarization procedure.  

Please refer to our specialists, and they will be happy to explain to you all the fine points of the notarization process.  

Our phone number is +7 (495) 984-56-00

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