Website, Game and Software Localization

«Если программа тебе понятна, значит, она уже устарела »
(Правило Биттона)

Localization is a process of adapting a product to national characteristics of the country where its distribution is planned. 
The process of localization is a little different from the basic services provided by our Translation Center.
Localization is a series of measures whose end result is a fully translated product, adapted to the mentality of the country, where it will be implemented and used.  
Our goal is to create a quality comprehensible product.  The specialists at the KGTC_Company are ready to perform all the necessary operations related to localization and adaptation of your software, games, online processes and websites.  
We perform translations of all software, game and website components:

  • texts visible to visitors,
  • comments,
  • “help” options,
  • prompts,
  • presentations
  • commercials, dialogues, audio and video files and many others.

We provide translation and localization of: content (texts), dialogues and soundtracks, source code, images, diagrams and drawings, comments in source code, adapting all of it to a specific language audience.  When necessary we modify page make-up, check the navigation and translate picture captions.  We can likewise provide translations from any language of individual webpages, express news and analytical materials posted on foreign language sites.  At your request we can also provide partial localization and edit a poorly localized product.  
The KGTC Translation Center has a translating and programming staff, makers-up, as well as a professional audio/video voiceover studio at its disposal.  
Professionals understand that for many companies a website is the main tool for attracting potential clients, which explains the especially stringent requirements as to the style of presentation of website texts.  That is exactly why we always take into account the author’s original style when doing our website translations.  We can offer a wide selection of graphics and content for a foreign language version of your website.  As a result, the Client receives a fully translated and operational version of the website in a foreign language.  
A price estimate for a localization service is dependent on the work that is put into a project, i.e. it is always project-specific.  
Send us your materials by filling out a form on our website in the online mode, and we will provide a free, professional and exact job estimate. Our specialists will be happy to answer any of your questions and explain all the details.  
We are always waiting for your call: +7 (495) 984-56-00

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