«Успешность всякого бизнеса определяется не числом занятых в нем, а числом работающих»
(Э. Макензи)

The KGTC Translation Center is a team of experts in the service of your business!

► We are a rapidly growing company, worthy to establish ourselves as a leader in the Russian and International translation business.
► We analyze the results in the past, laying the foundation for future successes.
► We honor traditions and create long-term, stable relationships.
► Our company’s mission is to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of customers.
► The guarantee of our success is our openness to innovations, intelligent solutions, and individualized approach.
► We strive to encompass everything, so that you can have the opportunity to select exactly what you need. 
► We are prepared to help you remove any language barriers in your communications with your partners.
► We are accountable for the services that we are prepared to offer you.
► In short, we will do everything to make you proud of your collaboration with us.

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