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Dear applicant!

Thank you for your interest in the KGTC_Company Translation Center!

Our goal is finding talented and responsible specialists! People who consider themselves to be the best in their respective fields and who are prepared to share their experience with us, perfecting themselves and ensuring high quality of services for our clients.   

If you are a professional expert, an editor-translator or an experienced freelancer and you wish to work for our Company as a temporary or a permanent freelance specialist, please register as a service provider in our project management system.  Afterwards you will be able to take part in the auctions for and selection of translation projects offered by our company.   

Be sure to read carefully the information in the section titled “For Specialists” prior to registering, and if you meet the listed requirements and are satisfied with the proposed terms, please proceed with the registration "Your XTRF project".  

We are prepared to offer you new opportunities for professional growth and greater fulfillment of your abilities.  

You can send us your resume, and when suitable job opportunities become available our Human Resources staff will get in touch with you to discuss collaboration options.  

The following will be given preference when considering resumes:

  • Higher specialized education, diplomas and certificates, as well as good language training.
  • At least one year’s experience of working in the translation field! The ability to work in a team, confidence and determination!

We offer you competitive wages, personal growth, a close-knit and friendly staff.  

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