5 Years of Proven Track Record

«Do you remember how it all began How everything was for the first time and brand new… »
(Харви Маккей)

How it all began… Evgeny Kuznetsov, General Director of the “KGTC” company, remembers.

My first encounter with the translation market in Russia happened in the summer of 2005, when I needed to do a small personal translation project from Latin.   My initial impressions left me a bit disconcerted: the market turned out to be so big and broad that I didn’t know where to look first.  But later I discovered that to do a quality translation of my minor project within a reasonable timeframe was not an easy task.  In the process of looking for a potential contractor I had to learn quite a bit of information and to immerse myself, so to speak, in the subject of the business of translation.    

Eventually I found my contractor.  My project was completed.  But I could not stop thinking about the inadequacy of services offered in the market of such proportions.

There came a time in my life when I had to decide what I should devote myself to in the foreseeable future. My graduation was not far off, and the question of my professional orientation became an especially pressing one.  As a result, already after a week of reflections I came to the decision to open my own translation agency.  I was always certain that having a business of one’s own that was not only profitable but also enjoyable was the best kind of education.   

Creating my own translation agency turned to be such a fascinating and promising project that I never regretted my decision.   

In September of 2005 I finalized all the documents, and the “Polyglot” project saw the light of day. The name selection was not accidental; I wanted to do more than create a simple translation agency specialized in personal documents; I wanted to encompass the maximum of languages, cultures and nations, to unite under the same roof people who know several foreign languages.   

Over time I began to acquire my first regular clients.  The notion of “I” grew into “We” – a team of likeminded people, bound by a common idea, goal, and mission.  The responsibility doubled; we began receiving truly serious projects; our business was growing, we were gaining momentum. 

In 2008 we went through our first restructuring and rebranding.  We decided to change our name to four English letters, KGTC, an abbreviation for the Kitay-Gorod Translation Centre in honor of the Moscow district where we initially settled and gained ground. 

2008 became a turning point for many business fields.  Our agency was no exception.  KGTC began to fight for quality control and comprehensive service, formulated a plan for automation and optimization of business processes.  

Five years went by. Our business became firmly established, successfully weathered the crisis of 2008 and continued to pick up steam. 

Today KGTC is a fast growing company whose motto is: Keeping good traditions of communications.

Our regular clients and partners already know that we have moved to a new level, offering quality that is worthy of the chosen few. 

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who trust us, who believe in us, who grow and develop together with us! Thank you.  

Best regards,

General Director


Evgeny Kuznetsov      

Meets the standards


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