Innovations and Priorities of Translation Center

«Only through the carrying out of great purposes does a man reveal a great character, which is as a beacon to others»
(Николас Батлер)

High quality of services is a guarantee of impeccable reputation and solid business relations!

Our clients’ trust is important to us. We value every reference, every comment, every complaint, in order to continuously improve the level of our customer service and support!

Providing translation services today it is essential to satisfy the demands of both the Russian and the international translation markets in the future as well.

Our company is oriented toward business support for large-scale organizations and enterprises. We place special emphasis on fixed price service and the development of individual pricing policy for each client.

That is exactly why we have introduced a certified quality management system IS0 9001:2008, which allows us to simultaneously manage all the processes, strictly control the standard of services provided and establish performance indicators. By managing a company’s organizational structure, a quality management system (QMS) helps set forth clear goals, competently allocate areas of responsibility, and objectively evaluate the execution of tasks. All company employees undergo mandatory certification and improve their proficiency on a yearly basis in order to maintain a high overall quality rating.

An automated XTRF® system operates within the QMS framework.

The system’s capabilities are useful to the Translation Center’s employees in every department: Human Resources, Project Management, Finance, as well as to the company’s top management. The goal of the XTRF® system is to automate repeatable processes and provide all users with maximum information, to increase their operating efficiency and lower the risk of errors. All providers and clients have their own profile in the XTRF® system. In your profile you are able to view/add/delete/change all the information that is essential to the job. The XTRF® system does not need to be installed on your computer. All you need to do is select the menu option “XTRF – your project” on the website’s home page and assess its capabilities for your area of business projects. In order to be able to use this menu option, you will need to complete the registration procedure (link to registration), obtain a login ID and password and log into the “XTRF – your project”. The XTRF® is being continuously updated, adding new services and options. When you log into the system for the first time or from a different computer, you will need to set up a security certificate. The connection is made in secure mode (similar to the connection for online banking). The website’s address begins with “https” and the lock icon is present on the webpage (if you click on it, you will be able to view the security certificate). All the calculations related to the XTRF® management system are performed on the Agency's server; therefore user PC requirements are minimal: Internet and an installed web browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox (with pop-up windows enabled). The system also has a built-in FTP-access function that allows for exchange of large amounts of information between providers, clients and the agency.

The KGTC staff is always ready to help you understand all the fine points of translation quality management and make the procedures clear and accessible in any language. Call us at +7 (495) 984-56-00 or request a consultation with a specialist on our website.

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