Economic Translation

«В экономике нельзя понять ничего, пока не поймешь всего»

The world of numbers and currency is complex and multifaceted with every symbol having its own meaning and weight. 
Leave economic translation preparation to professionals.  A true and exact economic translation is something we really do well.  
The KGTC specialists in the economic and business translations team have a vast collection of narrowly-specialized thesauruses, which allows them to increase the quality of economic translations.  Our most complete thesauruses are for translations of English economic texts, which makes it possible to complete them on a tighter schedule.
Our translators can perform simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at economic forums, accounting conferences and seminars.  The interpreters are also prepared to accompany you to exhibitions, which would allow you to develop a better rapport with your western partners.   
We provide translations of economic documentation, taking into account the economic component of the country, for which the translation is made.  
The KGTC Translation center specialists are ready to offer you translations of the following economic documents:

  • scientific economic literature and magazine articles,
  • statistical studies in economics,
  • economic analysis of individual countries and regions,
  • economic reports of individual businesses and associations,
  • stock market news and statistical studies of stock market exchange trade,
  • analytical materials, graphs, interactive video,
  • macro and micro economic data
  • auditing and accounting reports and other documents.

In order for us to properly select a translator for you, we will need to review a list of tasks to be performed, deadlines and approximate volume of characters.  We will be happy to provide a consultation for you and to assist you in selecting the right subject area for your translation.

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