Cash and Non-cash Payment

«Капитала хватает для тех, у кого есть реальный план его использования»
(Наполеон Хилл)

Cash payment is the simplest and easiest form of payment.

All cash payments can be made at our office or through our courier.  Regardless of where you make your payment, you will be given a receipt or documents confirming payment for translation services.  If necessary our accountant will prepare the documents for payment for you (invoice, payment receipt, certificate of work performed).

Non-cash payment is convenient primarily for legal entities.  Natural persons can likewise use non-cash payment system, if necessary.   In order to complete a non-cash payment transaction, you will need our company details

Full name of the organization:  KGTC Closed Joint Stock Company
Abbreviated name of the organization: KGTC_Company
Registration number of the Certificate of Record in the Uniform State Register: 5087746537665
Legal address:    101990, Moscow, 9/1/1 Armyansky lane, bldg 1, suite 307
Telephone and fax number at the legal address: (495) 984-56-00
Physical address: 105005, Moscow, 8 Pleteshkovsky Lane, bldg 2, room 1
Telephone and fax number at the physical address: (495) 984-56-00
Full name of the financial institution: “Raiffeisenbank” CJSC, Moscow branch
Settlement account No 40702810900001023811
Correspondent account No.: 30101810400000000603
BIC: 044552603
TIN: 7701811722
Taxpayer Classification Code (KPP): 770101001

You can likewise fill out a letter of advice  and pay for our services in the nearest branch of any bank.   

Dear clients!  

Every bank has its own fee for cash transfers that does not depend on the cost of services provided to you.

If you use the non-cash payment system under the agreement you have with our company, our accountant will provide you with a full set of documents on all the accounting requirements.   

KGTC_Company advises you that, based on the “Notification of the possibility of applying a simplified taxation system No. 9327 dated December 17, 2008” and in accordance with the provisions of articles 346.12 and 346.13 of section 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, our company applies a simplified taxation system.  Translation services are exempt from VAT regardless of the method of payment.  When preparing a payment order it is necessary to include the phrase “exempt from VAT”.

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