Money Transfer

«Лучший способ предвидеть будущее - изобрести его»
(Алан Кей)

Dear clients!

We bring to your attention another method of easy payment for our company’s translation services.

A money transfer system is a widely used form of money transfer via a bank or postal system.  

The structure of money transfer always includes a sender, a receiver and an intermediary, who charges a certain percentage for his/her services.  Money transfers are subdivided into internal (within a single country) and external (abroad) transfers.

There is a large number of money transfers that differ in methods of transfer, speed and rates for intermediary services, where applicable.   Transfers can be done by banks (over the Internet as well), by mail and, finally, by private couriers (sometimes for free in the latter case).

You can select one of the methods from the list below:

  • Contact money transfer system,
  • Unistream money transfer system,
  • Anelik money transfer system,
  • Leader money transfer system,
  • WesternUnion money transfer system

Intermediary’s fee differs on a case-to-case basis and does not depend on the terms and conditions of services provided by the KGTC Company.  

If you chose this method of payment, please contact your manager and specify the bank that is convenient for you and the details of the person who will be receiving that transfer.  

Dear clients!  

In order to make an electronic payment, you will need to fill out the appropriate form. 

An intermediary’s fee varies on a case-by-case basis and is independent of the KGTC Company service conditions.

To make web payment please press the link and fill in the form.

“KGTC_Company advises you that, based on the “Notification of the possibility of applying a simplified taxation system No. 9327 dated December 17, 2008” and in accordance with the provisions of articles 346.12 and 346.13 of section 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, our company applies a simplified taxation system.  Translation services are exempt from VAT regardless of the method of payment.  When preparing a payment order it is necessary to include the phrase “exempt from VAT”.

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