Bank Cards

«Никто не помнит имени того, кто пришел к финишу вторым»
(Чарлз Шульц)

A bank card is an impersonal payment device that allows its owner to make non-cash payments for goods and services, as well as to receive cash from branches (subsidiaries) of banks and automatic teller machines (ATMs).  Trade and service enterprises that accept a particular card form its network of service points.   

Plastic cards are considered the main alternative to cash payments all over the world.   

With the help of a banking card one can utilize the funds that are sitting in a natural person's or legal entity's current account for payment for goods and services over the Internet.  

The KGTC Translation Center services can be quickly and easily paid for by the following types of plastic cards: VISA, Euroсard/MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, Union Card.

Payment is done via the server of the Assist Universal Payment System.

No additional payment is required for using the Assist Universal Payment System.

Dear clients!  

If you wish to make a payment using your bank card, please fill out the appropriate form. 

Please note!

All bank card payments are redirected to the electronic payment site. An intermediary’s fee varies on a case-by-case basis and is independent of the KGTC Company service conditions.

To make web payment please press the link and fill in the form

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